I wanted to write a quick blog post entry to “report” a really interesting and exciting observation in some data that I had cultivated during an exercise a few months ago in St. Louis, where I rode the Grand 70 bus up and down Grand Avenue for over 35 hours one week at the end […]

I have been traveling slash researching abroad in China for the past few weeks as part of a short, intensive research project for the Energy Foundation. This project, a joint effort between MIT, Cambridge University in the UK, TUM in Germany, and Tsinghua University in Beijing seeks to “exercise” a tool under development within MIT’s […]

There is a tendency for transit projects in the United States to be heavily tied in with the prospect of commercial development. When cities invest or improve on infrastructure, it’s often seen in the lens of a catalyst project. This notion is particularly acute in the Midwest, where fledgling urban chic districts can often drum […]

My last post regarded my thoughts on how to tackle the question of my Master’s thesis. This post is intended to demonstrate the evolution of my thoughts over time. One element that has changed significantly since the initial effort is the introduction of my international work. These experiences have often been pointed to in regards […]

My time at MIT has brought with it amazing opportunities to travel around the world and observe a plethora of developing urban contexts, specifically their transportation systems. These opportunities have opened my eyes to aspects of development and transportation scenarios that I might never have fully comprehended, without having been granted the amazing opportunity to […]

“An interesting characteristic of St. Louis is that it’s at the small end of cities that can even discuss TOD. Indy, Cincy, and KC don’t have any transit to speak of. Detroit and Tampa don’t have transit that would facilitate TOD. Baltimore hasn’t seen TOD except as a destination for the DC job market. Comparably […]

I flew in to St. Louis this weekend from Boston. As I was coming in low over the city, headed for Lambert Airport, I thought about what many of my generational and “economic” peers would think as they looked out the window. Particularly, I considered the expectations of certain lifestyle and service elements that have […]